Have you figured out what you’re wearing for Halloween yet? Costume ideas can be a challenge, but you can rest assured that we’ve got one part covered: your feet!

When it comes to a costume, we believe it’s the little details that can take your look from good to first-place-at-the-Halloween-party great! And fun socks are just the little details we mean, of course. We’re using our huge selection of patterns to come up with some great costume ideas this year, so start taking notes! Plus, once Halloween is over, you’ll be left with some cool footwear you can rock year-round.

Check out these fun Halloween costume ideas:

Women’s Costumes

Rainbow Brite

These rainbow striped knee highs are available for both and , and they’re the perfect finishing touch for a Rainbow Brite costume! The beloved cartoon character actually had rainbow striped boots, but we think these would work great, particularly with colorful sneakers.


You’ll need lots of khaki to pull off the perfect zookeeper look, preferably with some cargo pockets and a safari hat. Get a stuffed animal of your choice, and then pick out an awesome pair of like these cool tigers! We’ve got a whole zoo to choose from!

Teacher or Librarian

Here’s a really easy Halloween costume idea for women that you can put together using stuff you already have. Grab a skirt and cardigan sweater from your closet, and put your hair up in a bun with a pencil sticking through it. The details make the look here. Add some pencil knee highs like these or a style from our and some glasses, and you’re done!

’50s Sockhop Girl

Bust out your poodle skirt! These socks and other would work perfectly with some saddle shoes and a big, poofy skirt for fun ’50s look. You know we love a sockhop!

Kids’ Costumes

Do you have little ones who know what they want to wear this year? Our fun kids’ socks can complement lots of different looks, from sports star to pirate to bumblebee to fairy princess. Plus, you’ll help keep them warm when they’re out trick-or-treating! Check out all of our !

Men’s Costumes

Risky Business Guy

You know, Tom Cruise’s character, Joel! This is a really easy Halloween costume idea for men. All you need is a button-down shirt and a pair of literally any socks. We picked these from our selection of to match Joel’s, but we think any pair you like would work. Oh, and don’t forget the candlestick to lip-sync into!


Famous politicians are always a Halloween staple. Whether you’re embodying a favorite candidate or doing a little holiday satire, these American flag socks will fit right in with your suit and lapel pin. Plus, they come in handy (or footy?) when the Fourth of July rolls around!


We’re embracing the socks-and-sandals thing with this costume idea! Put on some fun socks of your choice with a pair of comfy walking sandals and shorts, find a souvenir T-shirt that has a city name on it, and don’t forget your camera with a strap. Be sure to step in everyone’s way all night, too, and maybe bring a big map and fanny pack!

Those are just a few ideas to help you put the perfect finishing touches on your Halloween look. Be sure to check out our , and full and collections, among others, to get yourself some inspiration. And don’t miss our scary cool selection of !



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