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USAF #30, BMT TUTORIAL – Rolling Socks

This is how I learned to roll my green socks at BMT. PT socks are done the same. Note that this is not perfect, or BMT acceptible, but it will give you the right idea. Loading… 3 Necessary Tools for the High Rolling Affiliate Marketing…3 Essential Tools for the High Rolling Affiliate MarketerDesperation: Obama cites… Read more »

How to prevent your socks from mixing in the laundry

Are you tired of losing or mixing up your socks in the laundry? There is an amazing solution! More details on http://www.socksdock.com. Loading… What to Eat When Dieting: Safe and Sensible Diet Tips for…basket, wicker, laundry basketLaundry Day Pets | Funny Pet Compilation 2017MailingArt Wooden Framed Paint By Number No Mixing / No…Research Shows Diet… Read more »

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